Saturday, March 28, 2009

Skatepark days...

Every Wednesday the boys and I meet up and skate our local skate park in San Clemente. We usually have a good little session there for a few hours just for kicks. This Wednesday all we really did was fool around for two hours.

Adam perfecting the pud slide...Alejoh has got a pretty nice chest.

Then there is Thursdays, where everyone comes and skates the Etnies Skate Park in lake Forest. This is always a good time and it's always cool to see people you don't see very often. This Thursday, we headed up towards Etnies and stopped at some 30 stair, steep square down rail. Adam did his tricks, then Winston showed up and destroyed it. After the death rail, we shredded the park, and all enjoyed In N Out afterwards. After In N Out, Adam, Keith, Andrew, Quinn and myself all headed to skate street in Irvine. We found some amazing ledges at the re-done train station, only to get kicked in literally 30 seconds. We offered the security $20 dollars to skate for an hour, but he declined and ended up talking about God for too long, or so it felt. After we got kicked we decided to go light up this little skate park at some church in Irvine. Keith and I pulled over to skate some line ledges I spotted off to the side of the road, and everyone else just headed to the park. 25 minutes later when Keith and I showed up, we got kicked out the second we opened the car doors. We reasoned with the security guard, told him we had driven from San Clemente to meet up with our friends (who he didn't even know had been skating the park for a half and hour), and he told us to chill for a minute. He came back over and told us to wait until his boss left, then we would be good to go. Ten minutes passed of sitting and bullshitting with everyone until he rolled back up in his cart. He gave us the go and we skated until 1:00 A.M. It was a fun little night of skating I guess.
Adam got another package from Rat-Tail.... his new jams....Adam and Keith spot checking...

Here's a little skatepark edit with the only clips I filmed in 15 minutes.

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