Sunday, March 29, 2009

Los Angeles 3/28/09...

It's been a month surprisingly, so we decided to head back North to have another L.A session. This time Dean and I dragged along Adam and Keith.... We did a lot, let the photos explain the day.

We picked up Dean at Alicica Parkway in Mission Viejo...
We drove North and hit a lot of traffic, arriving in Los Angeles around 1:15 P.M. Once again, the first stop was the gap to ledge on Grand Ave. Adam, Keith, and Dean all got clips before moving on to the metro station spot. Here is Adam with a zero spin soyale.
Dean and Adam at the metro station spot.
Adam fooling around with a back roy to ao wallride. It was super hot out, and this spot was really hard to skate, so we decided it was time for food after all of us were dehydrated.
We stopped for food and Dean went to Burger King while me and the boys crossed the street for some Subway. After everyone was refreshed, we headed to Sunset. We passed on the corner ledge and stopped at a thrift store before going to the school.
No one bought anything....
We arrived at the school and hopped the fence. We set up the benches and skated for probably two hours.

Dean doing a little fishbrain in his line.
Keith ao negative mistrial for the second trick of his line.
After the school spot it was almost 6:00 P.M, so we hopped that fucking fence one more time and decided to go down Hollywood Blvd.
Well, we couldn't find one spot, so we stopped at another goodwill. I bought this gay ass shirt for a dollar and we headed home.

Here is Dean's "Drunk edit" he filmed on his digital camera....

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