Friday, March 20, 2009

Night skating 3/19/09....

Well, it took three weeks but finally another productive night. I picked up Adam, Keith, and Dan around 7:30 P.M, and we headed to Etnies Skatepark like we do every Thursday. We met up with the usual people and some boys from Arizona including Chad Hornish and X who were traveling with Mathias Ogger. We all skated until they closed the skatepark at 9:00 P.M and then we went to In N Out and enjoyed some food. Winston mentioned a trick he had been wanting to do so we headed back to San Clemente at around 10:20 P.M. We arrived at the concrete yard and Winston already had his skates on looking at this crazy drop rail. I went to my trunk and pulled out the generator, two lights, and 100+ ft. of extension chord and we lit it up. After everyone had set up their cameras, Winston showed off and laced the rail first try, only to do it again for a double angle, and a photo. After that spot, everyone got pretty juiced to skate. We drove around and looked at a couple spots on Southside San Clemente, but settled on an old little wallride that Dean did in my "Tiger In Harlem" edit. We lit it up, Adam got some cool shit done, and everyone was satisfied with the footage. So, thanks, Adam ! After that spot, it was already past 1:00 A.M, so we called it a night. Everyone went to stay at Winston's and me and the twins went home. Overall, i's say it was a pretty adventurous night.


Winston walking back up.Chad Hornish...
X setting up his dolly at the wallride.The generator and lights cooling down the wallride spot as we cleaned up.

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