Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dean Coward: Finally Legal

This past weekend we celebrated Deans 18th birthday. Happy birthday, buddy. We also did a lot of blading Friday, Saturday and a little Sunday. Footage is lookin' cool, trailer coming soon. Here are some photos from dinner.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Los Angeles 9/18,19/09

Friday I got off work and picked up Dean at his homes in Rancho Santa Margarita around 3:30. We headed to downtown LA where we picked up Dylan at the Union Station. We parked on the 2nd St. hill like always and cruised around. It was already startin' to get dark so we decided to fool around on the nothing at Ghetto Park. After ghetto park we cruised to the usual Burger King then turned back around on Grand and headed to LA Highschool. LA High looks like a lot more fun than it really is. It is just frusturating. After skating there for two hours we went back down to Crenshaw and got on the freeway. We went to Dylans house in Santa Monica to stay the night. We walked 20 blocks on Wilshire at 2:00am tryin' to find food and just ended up goin back to Dennys on Lincoln and getting a $3.99 Grand Slam. Can't go wrong. After eating and not tipping we went back and called it a night. Waking up around 10:30am, I found the perfect way to start my day by receiving a parking ticket. $61.00 to the S.M.P.D, so tight. We headed to Hollywood to meet Adam and Keith at the "Sunset School" (Micheltorena St. Elementary), only to find a flea market going on, leaving us unable to skate. We head to Rosemont and Temple and substituted with the benches there. After we headed back towards Santa Monica and went to El Segundo. The school is really sick, and we were anxious to light it up so we dragged the generator, lights, and all the extension chords and set them up. I fired up the generator and it was out of gas within 30 seconds. Major chest. Instead of going to get gas, we sat at El Segundo for around 3 hours before callin' it a night. Overall, pretty unproductive weekend, but worth while.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We skated Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend... and I didn't document any of it for the blog. Friday Kieth and I went on a solo mission around San Clemente to try and skate random things. We found a mini ramp in the business parks and ripped for a little, then it was time to pick up Dylan Davis from the train station. That night me, Adam, Keith, and Dylan all stayed the night at Deans house. We woke up Saturday to a platter of bacon and waffles, then headed North to show Dylan some classic Irvine spots. We skated the usual spots and met up with Foz, Tinz, Andrew, Alejoh, Tom, and Iain. After we all skated we grubbed on some In N' Out before headin' to Fozs house in Newport. Anderson is a classic spot right next to Fozs house, but they have altered the school by changing the rails and capping most of the ledges. There was only 3 ledges left un capped so we bought a rub brick and went at it. Rub bricking a ledge can take a while to do well, so we got one done and waxed, then moved onto another. At this point we had been there for around a half hour when a random hero and his wife decided to show up. They harrassed Adam, tryed to instigate a fight, got it Deans face, then grabbed Dylan, yelled at us and told us to "get the fuck out of Newport" multiple times. We all laughed at them and kept it going for a while, but we left and ordered pizza at Fozs instead of over doing it. Pizza Hut was good, but around midnight we called it a night becuase people had work the next morning. Dylan came and stayed the night at my house so we could skate again Sunday. Sunday Dylan and I made a solo mission to an abandoned pool. Its quite a hike up a rock trail and dirt road, but well worth it. Dylan got some clips and we just fooled around for a few hours. Leaving at around 4:15, we were in a time crunch to get Dylan back on the 5 o'clock train. I dropped Dylan off at the station around 4:53 and headed home. It was a tiring, yet fun and productive weekend.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Congrats, Dean !

Dean's news was officially announced on the Casualty site... Dean is now riding flow for Casualty Clothing... Congrats, Dean!

"Casualty would like to welcome Dean Coward to the team! His ridiculous sense of humor and raw talent on blades make him a great edition to the Casualty family. Its a pleasure to have you on board, Dean!"
-Joey G.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In response to the "Dean Coward: 1 day 2 spots onliner" post... here it is.

Happy 21st, Tinsley !

So I just got home from dinner at TGI Fridays for Chris's 21st birthday... as you could imagine, he was drinking for most of the night. He was actually still drinking when I left, probably still is right now. Anyways, I scored on some Polaroid film and shot a couple pictures from the night. Here they are...

Me, Adam, and Parker Tinsley
Tinz during everyone singing Happy Birthday
Adam, Amber, Alejoh, Taylor, Dean, Foz, and Keith
Tinz a couple drinks deep
Tinz and everyone finishing off the night at the bar