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Los Angeles 4/18/09...

This Saturday we spent another day in L.A. I did a lot of driving and we did a lot of spot checking, but we still managed to get a lot done...
Once again we started the day off by picking up Dean at the Del Taco in Mission Viejo. Adam , Keith, and Dean all grubbed on some for breakfast while I passed.
We took the 5 north all the way to Soto. When wearrived on 26th St. it was 85+ degrees.
We skated this ledge Montre does in Too Faded.... well as this long flat rail across the street.
Adam and Keith are still filming for their video Let's Blade as well...
Next we got back on the freeway and hit the 110 North and went to the infamous Fully Flared slab. I attempted to set up this rail with two tires and the few bricks we found.
We all fooled around on this spot as there was not that much to really do, but everyone got something.
Dean fakie 360d this thing in a line...
...and then we headed out again.
I found this school on Google Maps and it was pretty cool. The inside had another rail from the Too Faded Extras edit, but we were over hopping any fences for it. Dean was lookin' at a sweaty up this, but decided on a rain check.
We got back on Figueroa and headed to Burbank... which was not good.
So we walked across the street and had some Italianos.
Everyone grubbed and Adam got the left overs before we headed back south.
We exited Wilshire and went to check out another famous rail... which was not good. This spot is a major bust and we basically got kicked out looking at it.
Downtown is pretty sick, so we headed down Wilshire and went to 1st street again.
Lee's tricks on this were really good...
We rolled around downtown and just skated a variety of little spots...
We ended the day back on 1st and Grand with these little ledges behind the gap to ledge.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Hey Penske"

My friend Richie just finished his new video entitled "Hey Penske". He is having a premiere May 22, so I made him a flyer. Check out the MySpace or soemthing.



Sunday, April 12, 2009


This Saturday me, Adam, and Keith all headed up to Irvine to skate some ditch we just heard of. When we got to Irvine, it was a nice surprise to see Alejoh already in the parking lot near the drain. The four of us waited for a few minutes before we walked down becuase there was a cop parked right on the curb outside the fence. After waiting, we grabbed all our gear and walked right through the fence. The spot was a disaster. The ground was rough, rocky, and there was giant slabs of cement from where the bank had literally fallen over everywhere. I started sweeping and moving stuff around while everyone just kind of walked around thinking of stuff to set up or skate. After cleaning and moving things around in the basic areas, we got to blading. Everyone was just kind of fooling around for a while before Keith filmed one of his lines for Let's Blade. Winston showed up and cruised for a little bit and I filmed a line of Alejoh before we headed out. After the ditch we headed to get some drinks from AM PM, and then went to some rail from Fruitbooter. Winston is the only one who even attempted, and got a trick on this rail. Adam and I scoped the plaza out and found this out ledge to transfer down rail, which we went to after. Adam did a trick on that, and Keith busted a trick on the handicap in front. We called it an evening and everyone headed home.

I don't know how to do panorama s but I tried. The ditch...Winston, Adam, Keith.
Fruitbooter rail...."Oh shit, dude, a dama ?"

Friday, April 10, 2009


I made my first screen this morning...
I have the idea of trying to make clothes for a long time and never got around to buying, or coming up with anything. I thought this video would be the perfect way for me to start, so I started.
It's going to be really fun, and obviously really sick.
So maybe someone will like it. If you do, I just made an online store. test print on white.

Etnies Thursday night skate...

Well another Thursday has come and gone. We went to Etnies as usual, enjoyed In n Out, and then went to Dean's house until 1:00 AM. There isn't much more to say.
Oh yeah, Dean got an awesome swellbow.
Dean's elbow....Billy Kostka and Kruise...Keith and AdamChristopher "Frsh" Tinsley... sorry buddy

Monday, April 6, 2009

Two days in Southside...

Friday and Saturday were spent on the Southside of San Clemente skating some old spots.
On Friday, Adam, Keith, Dan and myself all went to skate some spots. I spotted some roll next to these drop ledges I did a while ago. The top of the roll had a huge puddle of rain water on it so I swept it off with the broom in my trunk; unfortunately, only to leave the ledge still really slippery becuase of the paint. So, I pussed out and Adam did it instead. Next we headed to the Trestles beach barrier. The barrier used to be cemented pretty good, but it gone torn out and therefore re-done really shitty. We skated the barrier for probably an hour before Keith headed to work. Adam, Dan and I then went and skated Calafia ledges for probably about 10 minutes before heading home.

Adam at the roll...
Adam, Keith and Dan at Trestles barrier...

On Saturday, Matt Langel (Foz) finally came skating after months without seeing him! I met up with Matt, Adam, Keith, Phil, and Andrew at Calafia ledges once again. We skated the ledges for probably an hour. Foz got some shit done while everyone else just fooled around. It was time for the Trestles barrier once again. This time Foz and Keith both got tricks while the rest of just kept fooling around. The spot is actually really hard to skate with the new cement. Once another hour had passed, we all headed down and explored the alley ways of downtown San Clemente. I set up a little obstacle and got a clip for Let's Blade. After that Foz went to pick up his girlfriend while I headed to the boys house to say happy birthday to their Mom and hang out before calling it an evening.

Keith switch torque soul to ao pornstar
Foz, Andrew and Keith...It's not San Clemente without the surf, come on !
Andrew pulling out a street sign and helping me build the alley way spot for my clip...