Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teamin' up...

Today Adam Brierley and I teamed up to take some old junk from my garage down to some little banks near my house. I loaded my car and drove down to pick up Adam. We made a pit stop, picked up some angle iron (which later saved the day), and headed to the spot. When we arrived there were nosy people everywhere giving us really bad vibes, but we quickly unloaded the car by the fence, parked up the street, and walked to down to carry everything to the spot. We trucked through the mud with our backpacks on and carried down the stuff. When we got there, I banged out a wall ride with the drill I brought down in may pack, and we positioned my box in the center of the ditch. My box was perfect, but the wall ride was a bit flimsy. I grabbed a 10ft. piece of angle iron and jammed it into the dirt behind the wall ride. The next time Adam tried it it was perfectly sturdy and worked like a champ.
The Setup...
Adam doin' a little wall ride 270 into the bank.
Adam watching his line.
Most of the footage from this spot me and Adam through into a little YouTube edit that we made tonight. It should be online tomorrow so watch for it if you're interested.

After this spot, Adam and I headed to San Clemente High School to resume shooting for his Nimh edit (which is going to be killer) and met up with Alejoh Candelo and Winston Wardwell.
Winston's mustache (R.I.P as of tonight)

So basically, it was a fun day of foolin' around on the blades, even though Adam did get some pretty good shit done at the High School for his edit... all i'm going to say.

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