Saturday, February 28, 2009

Los Angeles 2/28/09...

So in order to end February right, Dean and I decided to have an L.A day while the rest of the boys were at Bitter Cold. I picked up Dean at around 10:45 AM in Santa Margarita and we hit the toll road back to the 5 North to save a little time. We barely hit much traffic and arrived at 1st St. in downtown at around 11:30 AM. By the time we found parking, it was past 12:00, but at least we found a free spot. We skated down to the first spot which was a gap to ledge on Grand Ave. Dean got some shit done while I filmed, and got a little line done for my own sake off to the side. We skated that spot for about an hour before heading through China Town to some loading dock ledge, which ended up sucking. We headed back towards downtown only to get stuck on a one way street for nine blocks. Turning back around, the decision was to take a little break, so it was time for Burger King. Being refreshed was a good feeling, and we headed towards what we thought was L.A High School only to be distracted by the sign reading Sunset. Saying "fuck it", we headed towards Hollywood. We saw corner ledge and pulled into the neighborhood across the street. Dean, once again, got shit done while I filmed. Heading towards Hollywood High, A colorful school caught my eye, and we swung a right turn, only to find out it was bomb as fuck and from Too Faded. Sucking in our stomachs, and squeezing through the fences was the worst part, but it defiantly ended up being a fun and productive spot. Gatorade is good, so we decided to get one at the closest liquor store. It just so happens there is always a lot to see on Sunset because we ended up being across the street from the Elliott Smith memorial. We geeked out, took some Myspace photos, then headed to Amoeba. Being overwhelmed by how great that store was, we left, just in time to hit five o' clock traffic, and pass on Hollywood High when we were so close. Overall, it was a great day of skating, and it finally felt good to be skating something besides Orange County spots.

(Oh yeah, you can click on these to make them bigger.)

One of Dean's trick from the gap to ledge; Back Unity.
The corner ledge.Good random find on Sunset.
Hittin' traffic...

Sorry that was so long, but if you read it, cool !