Monday, August 31, 2009

"Dean Cowards 1 Day 2 Spots" onliner...

Yesterday Dean and I went on a solo mission to film a skatepark edit... the idea failed terribly. We got lost in Garden Grove and somehow ended up in Long Beach. We didn't really know how to get to downtown or even to any streets we knew. We found Cherry St., headed to Ocean, then knew where we were again. Driving aorund looking for spots can be tough, so in doing so we got lost for the second time in the Long Beach ports. We found the bridge that went back to Ocean and just decided to head to CSULB on 7th since we knew where it was. We skated some shit, then headed south. We went to Westminister and didnt find anything knew, so we headed towards Santa Ana. We found a knew ledge which we ripped until dark. Instead of making a skatepark edit, we decided to make something a little bit more serious on the spots. "Dean Cowards 1 Day 2 Spots" edit will be up by Friday... I still need to import, so, yeah. Until then.

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