Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Los Angeles 6/6/09...

I have been really slow with the blog recently, so I apologize, but we went to L.A this past Saturday and I felt it was an appropriate time for an update... I picked up Keith from his house around 9:30am before heading to pick up my death lens from my skateboarding buddy Chris. After getting the lens, we headed to Deans house in Rancho Santa Margarita. We arrived at Deans around 10:20 and quickly swooped him. Next I hit the toll road to the 405 and picked up Luda in Huntington Beach. We were finally off. A half hour later we parked on Hope street and started cruisin' around downtown. We first skated "ghetto park" which lacked in very many spots. Then we went to these brick quarter pipe things Jeff skates in his Life+ Cause section before heading to grab a bucks back on 1st street. On the way back to the car we stopped at the gap to ledge, and Luda died... We skated the little marble benches on Hope St. before heading to car wash banks. We skated the car wash banks for about a half hour then went to 7-11, had a tailgate party, then met up with Negrete. We went to some spots in Echo Park that noone really busted on before heading to another school. we shredded the school, got some clips, then called it an evening. Luda gettin' a clip at the car wash banks. 7L Tailgate party
Dean, Negrete, Luda, Keith

Luda beefin'

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