Sunday, April 12, 2009


This Saturday me, Adam, and Keith all headed up to Irvine to skate some ditch we just heard of. When we got to Irvine, it was a nice surprise to see Alejoh already in the parking lot near the drain. The four of us waited for a few minutes before we walked down becuase there was a cop parked right on the curb outside the fence. After waiting, we grabbed all our gear and walked right through the fence. The spot was a disaster. The ground was rough, rocky, and there was giant slabs of cement from where the bank had literally fallen over everywhere. I started sweeping and moving stuff around while everyone just kind of walked around thinking of stuff to set up or skate. After cleaning and moving things around in the basic areas, we got to blading. Everyone was just kind of fooling around for a while before Keith filmed one of his lines for Let's Blade. Winston showed up and cruised for a little bit and I filmed a line of Alejoh before we headed out. After the ditch we headed to get some drinks from AM PM, and then went to some rail from Fruitbooter. Winston is the only one who even attempted, and got a trick on this rail. Adam and I scoped the plaza out and found this out ledge to transfer down rail, which we went to after. Adam did a trick on that, and Keith busted a trick on the handicap in front. We called it an evening and everyone headed home.

I don't know how to do panorama s but I tried. The ditch...Winston, Adam, Keith.
Fruitbooter rail...."Oh shit, dude, a dama ?"

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